Jesus said: I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. – John 8:12

Bringing Christmas to our Local Community

Following the success of the inaugural Light UP in 2014 and again in 2015 when over 40% of churches in Boroondara participated, Light Up 2016 is happening.

We hope you will join churches across the City of Boroondara to participate in Light UP 2016 Saturday 3 December until just after Christmas – from 8pm to 10pm or 11pm each evening

Share the Good News of Christmas with your local community by participating in one of the following ways:

  • Category 1 – Lights

Decorate your church building, amenities, and/or trees with lights, backlight your windows or spotlight your spire

  • Category 2 – Nativity Display

Assemble a model nativity scene and display it inside your foyer so that it can be viewed from outside or arrange it outside in your church grounds

  • Category 3 – Combination

A combination of lights and nativity display


The following criteria should apply to all presentations

  • Only characters/items/songs//music related to the biblical Christmas Story
  • No Disney characters
  • No santa, no reindeers (in displays and performances)


Registration is free and opens on Monday 14 November in the tab below
Churches are asked to give permission for the name of the Church to be made available to Leader Newspapers for the purpose of promoting Light UP 2016.

Community Members are encouraged to donate to the following Charity Partners:

  • Camcare

Camcare offers a wide range of support services for individuals and families in a friendly and confidential environment in Boroondara. DONATE

  • Hawthorn Community Chest

Hawthorn Community Chest provides support to the Elderly, Health organisations, Disabled and Youth The Community Chest covers Hawthorn and surrounding areas such as Camberwell, Kew, Ashburton, Balwyn, Surrey Hills and Canterbury. DONATE

  • St Hilary’s Hope

St Hilary’s Hope is an organisation that offers hope to struggling people though the provision of the practical support and care. We believe God is the source of eternal hope. The mission of St Hilary’s Hope is to join with God in offering hope to people in need: emotionally, socially, economically and spiritually. DONATE

Leader Newspaper has agreed to promote the project in local newspapers and feature local church presentations during December. It is expected that the event will also be advertised in the Boroondara Bulletin.

Insurance – make sure that your Public Liability Insurance is current.

Support to participating churches

The LightUP 2016 website will provide a flyer that summarises the Christmas Story for churches to download and print and have copies available to community members. There is space on the back for churches to put their names and Christmas Service dates and times

Attention to Council Laws

Following consultation with Boroondara Council participants are reminded of the following important matters related to Council Laws. Phone 9278 4444 for more information on any of the following matters.

Building – if stages or marquees are to be used, each church should contact the Building Services Department to organise a permit

Nuisance – Please check amplifications of sound so that they do not intrude into peoples homes. Ask yourselves if the level of sound is going to have an adverse impact on anyone.

Contact the Council Environmental Health Officer and visit the EPA website for details:

Please ensure that lights do not shine onto roadways or into the windows of private homes. Ask yourselves if the positioning of any lights is going to have an adverse impact on anyone.

Contact the Council Environmental Health Officer with any questions.

Local Laws – Churches should contain their presentation to their site. If items (eg tables, chairs, signs, sandwich board) occupies Council land or facilities (eg. footpath, nature strip, street pole), a Local Laws Permit need to be sought. Contact the Council Local Laws.

Health – if preparing and selling food, Churches need to contact the Boroondara Health Services team . The Light UP team recommends that food is not provided.

For further information about Light UP 2016, contact Kay Margetts on 0424 740 001

Looking for Ideas? Why not look at what churches came up with last year!