Kew Plans Submitted to Council

The Board is pleased to present the Town Planning application for the refreshment of the St HIlary’s site which has now been approved by the DIocescan Building Council and will be shortly be advertised and then considered by the Boroondara Council.

This is the culmination of a lot of work by the Task Group, who took on the feedback from the congregations and had the designs modified to incorporate these ideas. The board wishes to thank them for their many hours of input, in particular Stuart Marsland who has led both groups.

The Board chose to not proceed with the development idea of an Early Learning Centre on the current site of the Education Centre and Saunders House, so the application will allow these 2 properties to remain as housing and offices for our staff after some refurbishment.

It should be noted that this is a Planning application and the Board wishes to have an approval from the Boroondara council before presenting it to the congregation for approval via a Capital Appeal Pledge process.

This is expected to be in February / March 2019. There will be a series of consultation meetings led by the Task group in the coming weeks with further opportunities for feedback on this next exciting stage of our design process.

Should the congregations give approval via a Capital Appeal Pledge program, we will move to the final, detailed design stage as this is a considerably costly process.

Download the planning application here


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    Russell Downie says

    As always the finance will be the difficulty. With the prospect that we could bankrupt ourselves because our plans were too grandiose. What efforts will be made to secure promises so that the plan is realisable.

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