A starry night sky

Out of all the metaphors in the Bible for God’s creation and his love for us, I’ve personally always found none more powerful then that of the stars in the sky.

As I sit here on the beach, in the middle of the cold, cold night, waiting for a cosmic phenomenon called the Aurore Australis, all there is to do is to stare up into this beautiful night sky.

At first, as my eyes adjust to the darkness, there isn’t much to see. In fact, when I first got the beach at about 3am, the moon was still shining in full force. Now while the moon is beautiful in its own right, and I do love the moon, it really has nothing on the beauty of the starry sky.

Anyway, as time passes and the moon sets, getting redder and redder until it finally disappears behind the mountain, the stars stat coming out. At first, it’s just the bright ones, but as I keep looking, as the surrounding sky gets darker and darker, and I start to see more and more of them.

Eventually I can see the entire Milky Way, and the stars are countless!

Now I’ve been at the beach for almost 3 hours, and while I still haven’t seen the Aurore (yet… hopefully), the wonder of God’s creation is not lost on me.

The stars! There are just so many of them! And how much are they like us?

Each one so far away, yet shines so bright that we can still admire its light…

Each one is one of thousands, millions, billions… and yet is individual, special, created

Each one so small in the sky, and yet so significant…

Each one together painting a picture of God’s glory and creation, they sky a canvas of beauty reflecting the wonder and majesty of the only one who could have made it all…

Of course, when you start getting closer to them, these same stars are not that small after all (in fact they are gigantic) – but for me that makes God’s creation even more impressive. There is so much out there… more, I think, that we (certainly I) can possibly imagine.

A star was even used to guide people to Jesus – that has to be significant!

But alas, now my hands become cold and I struggle to type more – and I’m also worried about the amount of condensation developing on my laptop screen. My biggest regret is not bringing a good enough camera to take better photos, and in the end – I didn’t get to see the lights.

And the stars, just as they came, are one by one disappearing back into the light, their song over, their painting of God’s glory taken off the wall…

But they’ll be out again…

Painted anew…

Tomorrow night…

Andrew Kerr
Office Manager


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    Jenny P says

    Great piece Andrew, God truly knew what a wonder he created when he made the world. We need to stop, sit and just marvel at the things he has done!

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    Stephen Hale says

    Beautifully written Andrew

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      Helena Cameron says

      A beautiful mediation to read this morning Andrew. Please keep writing!

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