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Connect Group Studies – ready for download!

It’s official! No longer do you have to sit in front of your computer, anxiously waiting to see if that email from the minister will ever come… “Is there a study to prepare?” you would wonder to yourself, the night before Connect Group. “Maybe it went to trash by mistake…”

Worry no more friends! The Peter Corney Training Centre is now collecting all the Connect Group studies from across the Network and collating them in one place. Well three places to be accurate, there’s actually a seperate page for each site, which is probably even better if you ask me… but I digress. No longer do you have to worry if we have your email stored correctly on record, no longer will you wonder if you left your church email filter on by mistake – simply head to the website and take a look.

Ah yes, where is this so called place? Simply head to the Peter Corney Training Centre website and there’s a drop-down menu at the top with the three sites listed. Also, for your convenience, I’ve put links to each of the pages on our Connect Groups page, so if you ever get lost, go to where you think it should be, and it will be there!

Andrew Kerr
Office Manager

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