Jesus was a carpenter…!

Have you always wanted to work with your hands?

Have you always wanted to undertake shared activities with like-minded people?

Or solve the problems of the world over morning coffee or lunch with a group with a variety of views?

Maybe make that whimsical coffee table, odd shaped chopping board, an heirloom dining table or sideboard, a spindle backed chair, bookshelf, wooden toys for your children or grandchildren, or restore an old furniture piece from home, all under expert tuition, using a mix of traditional and modern tools?

Or just learn how to sharpen your chisels, sharper than they’ve ever been?

TOM’S SHED – every Thursday morning from 8.30 till 12.30 (10.30 morning tea and 12.30 byo lunch)

If you’d like more information, or want to let us know you’d like to come along, shoot Peter Elliot an email, or just rock up!

You are most welcome to then hang around in the afternoon as part of our Church maintenance group.P1020935

Why is it called ‘Tom’s shed’?
Tom Lloyd was a highly valued, faithful member of St. Hilary’s staff for many years, managing the administrative and maintenance functions. Various of us had the privilege of working with Tom on voluntary maintenance activities around the church over this time.

Tom’s Shed is a Pastoral and Missional activity of St Hilary’s Network

Our vision encompasses:
Expansion of our existing maintenance service, and provision of enhanced facilities to allow us to run a Men’s Shed based operation.

Our values shall be reflected through:
Providing a meaningful service activity that encourages and develops teamwork, pride in workmanship, integrity and acceptance regardless of skills.

Our aims and objectives include to:
Provide a safe, supportive and friendly environment for people of all ages to gather, volunteer, work, teach, learn and seek fellowship with other like-minded people.