Creating a Culture of Welcome

“Culture eats strategy for Breakfast”
– Peter Drucker

Research suggests that new people are looking for a welcoming church, rather than a friendly church. A friendly church is one where the members are friendly to each other; a visitor will see this but don’t know how to break into those friendships. A welcoming church will have an emphasis on welcoming new people and visitors into their community.

In the coming months we will improve our strategies to welcome and integrate people into our church community. The new sign in stations will enable visitors to have a name tag and feel like everyone else. We also hope that visitors will share their email address with us so that we can follow them up in the weeks after their visit. So as a member of our church, you can feel confident that if you bring a visitor to church we have some strategies in place to welcome them.

However nothing beats a culture of welcome that is lived and breathed in the members of the church. We don’t just want a welcome station of computers; we want members of our church to go out of their way to welcome new people. In the coming weeks as we lead up to Easter please look out for people you don’t know at church.

A culture of welcome at St Hilary’s will mean that our church members sit closer to new people rather than give them space. A culture of welcome at St Hilary’s will mean that our church members talk to new people and visitors.

If you see another church member talking to someone new, consider going over to help him or her out. Visitors want a welcoming church where all the members are welcoming; not just the official welcome team.

Creating a culture of welcome means that more people will feel at home here in the church we love. Hopefully they will then fall in love with the God we love.

Mark McDonald
Site Coordinating Minister – St Hilary’s Kew


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    Janene says

    You are absolutely correct, a welcoming environment is something folk will come back to, if not welcomed as a newcomer, people won’t feel comfortable coming again no matter how good the preaching is.

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