10 Tough Questions

Event details

  • May 16, 2018
  • 7:30pm
  • St Hilary's Kew, 12 John Street, Kew 3101

Join us for an evening where we engage with some of the tough questions Christians are thinking about at the moment, or are being asked about by our unbelieving friends.

Suffering and a good God. Presenter Chris Mulherin is an Anglican minister and Executive Director of ISCAST–Christians in Science. He also teaches philosophy and logic at the University of Divinity and teaches and tutors at Melbourne University in Climate Change, History of Science, and God and the Natural Sciences. Chris and his family were missionaries with CMS in Argentina for 13 years. Chris’s oldest son Ben died of cancer at 23 years of age. Seminar Description : If God is good, why do bad things happen? Join us as we think about the ‘problem of evil’.

Is Christianity really true and is it really the one true faith? Presenter Mark Juers is a graduate of Ridley theological College and works in Ministry at st Hilary’s Kew.Seminar Description: How do you know – really? How do you know that the Christian faith is real and based on truth, and other beliefs are wrong? Can’t they all just be different interpretations? Isn’t it egotistical to think you’re the only true faith? And how can there be multi faith gatherings, etc, if you don’t agree with each other (isn’t this just hypocritical?)

Why doesn’t God make himself more clear? Originally a medical doctor, Presenter David Williams worked in the UK health service before training for ordination. David and his family served as missionaries in Nairobi for nine years where David was Principal of Carlile College. David helped the College to establish an urban mission training programme based in Kibera slum. David now leads the training ministry of CMS-Australia, based at St Andrew’s Hall. David is married to Rachel and they have three adult sons.Seminar Description: Come and explore answers to this question with a particular cross-cultural and mission focus, as we think about why and how God reveals himself within a range of human cultures.

Why do Christians Have Denominations and why don’t they all agree? Presenter Brian Rosner is the Principal of Ridley College. His most recent book is Known by God: A Biblical Theology of Personal Identity. He is also the editor (with Michael Bird) of Mending a Fractured Church: How to Seek Unity with Integrity. Seminar Description: Jesus prayed for his followers that “they all may be one” (John 17:21). The existence of so many Christian denominations raises many questions: How did we end up with so many? What do the denominations disagree about? Is the multitude of denominations a bad thing? Can you believe whatever you like using the Bible to justify it? Is the Bible clear about anything? Are there some things about which Christians may legitimately disagree?

Why bother with Christianity when my life is just fine? Presenter Natalie Rosner was a lawyer before she became an Anglican minister about 15 years ago. She is married to Brian, and has three step-children and one son. She is the Children and Families Minister at St Silas, North Balwyn. Nat is passionate about helping people get to know Jesus better and work out how to live for him in their everyday lives.Seminar Description: We live in ‘the most liveable city in the world’ (depending on which survey you take note of)! Even if you’re a tad sceptical about this claim, at the very least we live in a city and country where life is often very good – we have material blessings, opportunities to enjoy our work, and great options for our children now and for their futures. So why should we or our non-Christian friends bother with Jesus? Does he really have anything to offer? Aren’t we doing just fine without him?

Same Sex Attraction – if society approves, why can’t God? Presenter: Presenter Bishop Stephen Hale is Lead Minister of the St Hilary’s Network.Seminar Description: Unlike common perceptions, God loves all people, including people who are same sex attracted. We’ll explore a new way of thinking about our sexual identity and chat about the challenges of living this out.

Genesis 1 or Evolution?Church in an age of podcasts. Presenter Lars Vorliceck is the Youth Worker of the St Hilary’s Network, currently studying his Bachelor of Theology at Ridley College and making big plans for long-term vocational youth ministry. Seminar Description: What’s the point of turning up at church every week? Can’t I just listen to a podcast once in a while? Come along to explore why in the age of sermon podcasts and church-online, we need to commit to church now more than ever.”

Words or actions? Isn’t what I do more important than what I believe? Presenter Chris Wallace is a strategic leader with change management and governance experience. He currently works for management consulting firm Sodia. Sodia partners with leaders in the corporate, for purpose, and faith based NGO worlds – helping bring alignment within themselves, their teams and their organisations while leading transformative change.Seminar Description: Isn’t what I do more important than what I believe? A conversation about faith, works and consideration to how they fit together. From the outside, Christians can be perceived as hypocritical or insincere given the radical teaching of Jesus. From the inside, Christians can feel deeply uncomfortable, wilfully blind, or confused about how to rationalise and find alignment between work and faith.In this seminar, together we will work through the objection levelled that “Christians say they believe in Jesus but don’t live accordingly.” Where does assured hope fit in with our behaviour? In light of that assured hope, how should we approach work, and works…?

What will heaven be like? Presenter Tracy Lauersen is the Senior Associate Minister at St Hilary’s and also the Director of the Peter Corney Training Centre. She is looking forward to heaven although she is still firmly enjoying most days of this life. Seminar Description: How much can we know about heaven? Lots of singing and fluffy clouds? If my friends won’t be there, won’t I be bored? If my loved ones aren’t there, won’t I be sad? Will I still have free will there?

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