Family Violence – A Pastoral Statement

You might have seen a feature article on the ABC website, or a report on the 7.30 program (ABC) this week about the high incidence of domestic violence in evangelical churches. This is a very disturbing story and if this has reinforced concerns for you can I urge you to speak to one of the ministers or the prayer team at the end of the service.

Our church does not promote or endorse patriarchal views which could lend themselves to abuse of any kind. We strongly support women in leadership in our church and the wider community. We encourage healthy marriages and families based on mutual love and respect. Our Church is committed to being a safe place for all people, especially children and vulnerable adults.

If you know anyone who is experiencing abuse within the home, please seek their permission to raise it confidentially with a leader here, either one of the staff or a member of the church board, or if they are not part of the St Hilary’s Network, ask them who you could speak to on their behalf. Please be aware that if we become aware of abuse we are legally bound to report such abuse. No one should feel unsafe in their own home.

This message will be read at each of our services this Sunday.

Stephen Hale
Lead Minister


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    Doug Grant says

    The most disturbing fact about the ABC report was its inaccuracy, as has been identified by many senior church leaders. Whilst totally endorsing Stephen Hale’s comments about domestic violence, the equally important message for Christians is that they should not trust media reports without careful verification.

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    Leigh Mackay says

    Thanks for your clear statement on this topic.

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    John Harrower says

    Hi Stephen,
    Your excellent Pastoral Statement has been posted on the Primate’s, Archbishop Philip Freier’s, Blog at News. The Primate extends his thanks,
    Shalom, John Harrower

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    Peter ferrall says

    The ABC is factually incorrect
    Refer to Andrew Bolt report & research

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    Paul Perini says

    So encouraged to read this pastoral note on such a grave concern. Thank you

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    Thank you Stephen – I totally agree, and it is great to have this understanding promoted by you.

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