St Hilary’s Hope is an organisation that offers hope to struggling people though the provision of the practical support and care. We believe God is the source of eternal hope. The mission of St Hilary’s Hope is to join with God in offering hope to people in need: emotionally, socially, economically and spiritually.

We seek to:

  1. Reach out and offer hope to people in need in the City of Boroondara;
  2. Provide hope for members of St Hilary’s Network who are struggling;
  3. Mobilise members from St Hilary’s Network to be people that offer God’s hope to the community.


Holistic: Hope is holistic, God cares about the whole person.
Optimistic: Hope is intrinsically optimistic; it provides a profound sense of future.
People: God gives hope to people; especially people who feel hopeless.
Empowerment: Hope empowers people to overcome their difficulties.

Tim Horman

Elizabeth Webster

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