St Hilary’s Hope is an organisation that offers hope to struggling people though the provision of the practical support and care. We believe God is the source of eternal hope. The mission of St Hilary’s Hope is to join with God in offering hope to people in need: emotionally, socially, economically and spiritually.

We seek to:

  1. Reach out and offer hope to people in need in the City of Boroondara;
  2. Provide hope for members of St Hilary’s Network who are struggling;
  3. Mobilise members from St Hilary’s Network to be people that offer God’s hope to the community.


Holistic: Hope is holistic, God cares about the whole person.
Optimistic: Hope is intrinsically optimistic; it provides a profound sense of future.
People: God gives hope to people; especially people who feel hopeless.
Empowerment: Hope empowers people to overcome their difficulties.


COACH stands for Creating Opportunities And Casting Hope. COACH is a long term mentoring program by Mission Australia that equips volunteer mentors from within the community to support families experiencing hardship, assisting them to create a brighter future for themselves.

Our Hope COACH volunteers come from St Hilary’s Network, they are trained and matched with struggling families / individuals where they will act as a life-coach or as it is often called – a friend with purpose.

St Hilary’s Hope takes referrals for COACH from:

  • CamCare
  • Inner East Community Health Services
  • Salvation Army Camberwell
  • Local schools

Hope COACH can help with:

  • Providing friendship and activities
  • Helping towards your goals
  • Having fun and purpose in life
  • Practical help such as transport or childcare

All Hope COACH volunteers have:

  • Been trained according to Mission Australia COACH training
  • A current Working With Children’s Card
  • A National Police Check
  • Provided two referees
The HOPE FOR BOROONDARA AND BEYOND FOOD DRIVE is a program in which Churches of Boroondara unite to provide hope to those struggling in our communities. Food collected supports agencies that provide emergency relief (Anglicare Mission House, CamCare and Salvation Army Camberwell). The food goes to help people who are in need.

In 2019 we collected enough food to help over 6000 individuals and families in need. This year we hope to raise even more. Agencies are struggling to keep up with the demand of helping those facing hardship, and need our support more than ever.

On Sunday 17th of May 2020, 14 churches across Boroondara, including all our congregations across the St Hilary’s Network, are partnering together to run a food collection campaign.

Kids Hope is a mentoring program aimed at developing emotional and social resilience in children, thereby enhancing their capacity to learn. Currently there are 8 mentors from various congregations. We operate Kids’ Hope in Balwyn North Primary School. The mentor meets with the student for 1 hour each week during school term.

A story from one of our Mentors (names changed)

Sarah has been mentoring Corey for over 2 years and was wondering if it really was making any difference.  One day she asked Corey whether he was feeling any happier this year to which he enthusiastically replied “Yes”.  This led Sarah to ask him why this was so and he said he had had a problem with anger management in the past.  To her surprise, when asked who had helped him overcome this, he said “You”!  He went on to say “When all my friends had dropped me and I was sad and angry, you came every week and were my friend”.

We would like to provide more mentors for Kids Hope at Balwyn North Primary School. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Tim Horman.

Prague House operates under the auspices of St Vincent’s Health. The residents, both male and female, live with a range of conditions including those brought on by substance abuse and/or mental issues. Without Prague House most residents would be living on the streets. As an outreach of friendship and care, members of St Hilary’s attend Prague House to spend time with the residents. Members spend time in conversation, cook a BBQ and serve dinner to the residents. They are also there to offer assistance to the weekend staff team.  Each Christmas the members provide the residents with a bag of Christmas gifts and join with the residents in singing Christmas Carols. The Prague House fellowship has been running for 13 years and over the years a number of residents from Prague House have attended St Hilary’s and participated in many activities.

Crossroads is a once-a-month program that provides a social night with craft, games and a light supper for people with an intellectual or physical disability The program has been running for over 30 years and has around 30 people who attend each month – many who have been coming since its inception. Volunteers socialize and some provide a light supper during the evening. We are looking for more volunteers.

Rev. Tim Horman

Rev. Elizabeth Webster

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