Lisa & Serg run Melbourne Marathon for St Hilary’s Hope

LisaSerg2Many of you know that over the last 4 years that my wife Lisa and I, Serg, have run several fun runs and half marathons (21.1 kms). I committed to run a full Marathon (42.2 kms) before I turn 50 next January. Lisa will support me on the day by running another half marathon. We decided to do this at the Melbourne Marathon Festival on October 18th this year.

Training started in November last year, with many, many hours of running already done and several fun runs entered as well, around Melbourne and wherever our travels take us: India, Japan, US, Cook Islands, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, to name a few places. These training opportunities have created time and space for prayer, christian music and lots of time to reflect. I sometimes come back energised after some of the longer runs, more than before I started!

The longer runs are always a bigger challenge, physically and mentally. Add to that the fact we both run our own businesses, contribute to church, school and families and have 5 children between us as a blended family (and 4 are teenagers!) who attend 5 different schools… Sometimes it’s not easy.

During these training runs and races, we ask Jesus to run alongside us and hold us in the palm of His hand – rain or shine, as we climb another hill, or finishing the last kilometre of a long 20 plus km run… HE is there all of the time. In a song, a whisper, a word, silence, a colour, a sound a smell. HE is always there, giving that hope that we can finish yet another session, taking care of injuries, giving us peaceful rest at night.

LisaSergThe experience of training for these events have:

  • given hope to others to do the same and helping them in the process with advice and plans;
  • enabled them to be witnesses to other runners who are not Christian, bringing them Hope as well;
  • made them realise they are blessed to be a blessing onto others.

We felt a call to use the marathon event as a vehicle to benefit others who are also challenged in other ways through spiritual, mental or physical struggles and difficulties. And St Hilary’s Hope came to mind straight away.

There is great alignment with St Hilary’s Hope mission of offering hope to people in need who, in a different way to running, are also suffering and struggling.

LisaSerg3So we ask you to donate towards supporting our Marathon runs to raise funds for St Hilary’s Hope. They aim is to raise in excess of $5,000. We will also match dollar for dollar once we reach the first $2,000 – turning it into $4,000, thereafter there’s only $1,000 to reach our target and why not exceed it!

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Instructions for giving to St Hilary’s Hope using PushPay

  1. Donations may be made using PushPay online or via the PushPay app.
  2. Ensure that you select St Hilary’s Hope from the Reference box.
  3. Enter Lisa Serg Marathon in the Additional Information field.
  4. If you do not belong to a specific congregation, just leave the current one selected.