Kids Hope is a mentoring program aimed at developing emotional and social resilience in children, thereby enhancing their capacity to learn. Currently there are 8 mentors from various congregations. We operate Kids’ Hope in Balwyn North Primary School. The mentor meets with the student for 1 hour each week during school term.

A story from one of our Mentors (names changed)

Sarah has been mentoring Corey for over 2 years and was wondering if it really was making any difference.  One day she asked Corey whether he was feeling any happier this year to which he enthusiastically replied “Yes”.  This led Sarah to ask him why this was so and he said he had had a problem with anger management in the past.  To her surprise, when asked who had helped him overcome this, he said “You”!  He went on to say “When all my friends had dropped me and I was sad and angry, you came every week and were my friend”.

We would like to provide more mentors for Kids Hope at Balwyn North Primary School. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Tim Horman.