Meet Tim Horman

I asked Tim (our new Assistant Minister at St Silas and Director of St Hilary’s Hope) a few questions so we could get to know him a little better

Tell us about yourself…
My name is Tim Horman, I’m 37 years old and I’ve been married to Melissa for 17 years. We have three kids: Lucy (9), Ella (7), and Oscar (4). I was born in Melbourne (and lived here until I was about 10) but have also lived in many other places across Australia, including Townsville where I met Melissa in high school.
Melissa loves to hike, garden, crafts, and preserving food.

I am a bit more of the “indoors type”, and enjoy reading, painting and playing my guitar (and good coffee – although this is Melbourne, so does everybody else!) We do both love to sit at table and share a good meal and conversation with old and new friends alike.

What excites you the most about working at St Hilary’s?
I am mostly excited to discover why it is God has brought my family and I back to Australia and to St Hils specifically! That’s not to say our experience of St Hils so far has not been wonderful – it has. We have found the community to be very welcoming; in our first week or so we received many meals and offers of help, which we appreciated very much. And the staff I have met so far have all been incredibly friendly and helpful, are all obviously gifted people.

St Hilary’s is blessed with a great wealth of talented and passionate leaders, and I can tell it will be a fabulous place to serve Jesus and make disciples. I am looking forward to learning from Stephen and Tracy in my roles as Assistant Minister at St Silas and Assistant Director of St Hilary’s Hope, and Melissa and I are praying that this will be a new season of growth and fruitfulness for us in our work as leaders and pastors.

What would you be doing if you didn’t work in a church?
At one time I had considered a career in film-making and multi-media production, and was in fact headed in that direction at the end of High School. However, after quite a powerful encounter with Jesus when I was about 17, the Spirit has led me in a very different direction toward ministry. I gave up offers to various universities, and went to Bible College instead.

Later, I completed and undergraduate degree in Literature, and was intent of heading to Regent to pursue an academic career in Theology or Biblical Studies.
Just as I was completing my Masters, and was getting reading to go on to PhD work, some people asked me if I would pray about planting a church… Needless to say, not much of my life has gone according to plan, which is fairly normal when we are walking with Jesus!

Melissa and I are very much looking forward to meeting more of you, and getting involved in the work of the gospel here alongside you!


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    Amanda (Stothers) says

    Dear Saint Hilary’s Church,
    I’m Australian, living in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. I’m querying something about Pastor Tim Horman; did you live in Vancouver until recently? In your Bio – above – you mentioned (being excited about being) “back in Australia”. Regent Theological College is in Vancouver .. it is a famous Bible College. Is this the “Regent” you refer to in paragraph 6.

    I look forward to you reply! Blessings, Amanda Stothers, Vancouver BC.
    May 22nd 2018 10:01 pm.

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