Mission is at the heart of our life as a community of God’s people. We are privileged to support God’s work both locally and globally. St Hilary’s is committed to giving 15% of our Annual Budget to mission work through our various mission partners:

2018 Mission Partners

Theological Education

  • The Boyds (Congo)
    CMS Victoria
  • Overseas Council (Tanzania / China)
  • Ridley College (Melbourne)

Student Ministry

  • Mustard Ministries
  • Julie-Anne Laird (Melbourne Uni)
  • Dominic Durantini (Balwyn High)
  • Rosmary Carter (Kew High)
    Access Ministries

Aid and Development

  • Biotisho Project (Kenya)
    Anglican Overseas Aid
  • Channels of Hope (Solomons)
    World Vision
  • Heal Africa (Congo) and Hohidiai (Indonesia)
  • Heath Development Fund (Myanmar)
  • Wise Choices for Life (Uganda)

Indigenous Ministry

  • Nungalinya College
  • Network Indigenous Project
    Bairnsdale Youth

Church Planting

  • The Giffords (Barcelona)
    CMS Victoria
  • Lauren Moore (Lourdes, France)
  • J. Chaintrier (Camberwell South)
    French-Speaking Church Plant
  • Plenty Life Partnership
    Mernda Church Youth Plant
  • Faraj Hannah
    Arabic Anglican Church
  • J&D (Middle East)
    CMS Victoria

Outreach and Mission

  • Lyn Pearson
  • Living Stone Projects
  • Liz Mahanidis
    Dalit Freedom Network
  • Stephanie Hale
    Opperation Mobilisation