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Network Annual Survey 2016

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Do you know how many people in our church pray or read the bible on a daily basis or how many in our network are involved in discipling another Christian? Or how many are involved in serving in the church?

Since 2012, we have undertaken an annual survey throughout the St Hilary’s Network to find out these and many other indicators of our spiritual health as a church. We conduct the survey because we want to assess how we are growing in faith as God’s people.

The survey takes our collective spiritual pulse. It measures our spiritual growth and identifies problems we need to address as a church. It gives powerful feedback to the ministry team and can help to guide our ministries, our sermon series for the coming year, the training that we offer through the Peter Corney Training Centre – along with informing our prayers.

The questions on the survey relate to the following areas:

  • Our beliefs

  • Our faith

  • Our spiritual practices
  • Our mission

  • Our Church and its ministries

During the month of October, your congregational ministers will set aside time in one of our services for you to complete the survey. If you miss out doing it then, you can complete it at any time at

A link to the survey will be provided in our online weekly news as well.

The survey only takes about 7 minutes to complete, and the more people that complete it the more accurate the snapshot that it gives us of the church will be.

Below, I’ve provided a snapshot of some of last year’s results. Amongst the data, there are many things to be encouraged by (over half of us are discipling another Christian, two thirds of us have invited someone to church, two thirds of us are serving in the church).

There are also many challenges for the church (for example, only half of us pray each day and only one third read our Bibles every few days).

The survey gives us precious feedback – please be sure to complete it so that we can be guided over the coming year in our ministry to one another.

Tracy Lauersen
Senior Associate Minister

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