As we journey together towards the appointment of a new Vicar at St Hilary’s, we would welcome your input into identifying the characteristics that are most desired in this position.

Recently the Bible in One Year reading looked at ‘The Life of a Leader’ referencing the bible passage 1 Timothy 3:1-16 We would like to invite you to prayerfully consider the insights contained in this bible passage and the associated commentary. The wisdom of the bible is the primary source that will help guide us through this process.

The Incumbency Committee have put together a short online survey for you to complete. This survey will help to identify the qualities you are seeking most in our new leader. The information gathered will help to create a foundation on which the Committee can assess potential candidates.

Congregational Consultative Meetings

In February, the Incumbency Committee will be holding short, 10-minute presentations followed by a Q&A session at each of our 3 sites. These meetings are being held to communicate the findings of our recent congregational survey and to explain the next stages of the IC process. Your Incumbency Committee representatives, (Matt Crichton, Jo Fazio, Ross Gordon, Priscilla Mellado and Narelle Crothers) will be in attendance at each meeting and will be happy to answer any questions you may have at this time.
Congregational consultative meetings will be held at all 3 sites as listed below:


Date: Sunday 9th February 
Time: 10:15am in the church hall.
This is a combined meeting for all 10am, 11am & 6pm congregational members.

Mont Albert North

Date: Sunday 16th February 
Time: 10:15am in the church. 
This is a combined meeting for all 9am and 11am LivingStone congregational members.

North Balwyn

Date: Sunday 16th February 
Time: 11:30am in the church. 
This is a combined meeting for all 10am and 5:30pm congregational members.

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