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Sermon Series – Creating Margin

Creating Margin – Space for things that matter

Are you running from appointment to appointment?

Are you so busy that you are tired all of the time?

Do you have any margin for error in your life?

Is your budget over loaded and over spent?

This series will enable you to find margin for the important things in life:

Margin to rest

Margin for reflection

Margin for friendship

Margin to be generous

Margin for service

Margin to celebrate

Creating Margin is not a collection of the best self-help wisdom, even though there are many good books on the market. We live in such a busy and fast paced world that finding time and space for the important things in life is difficult. Productivity experts want us to do more or to be more efficient, yet many of us are already over stretched. The Good News of God’s grace and mercy is that we have the freedom to choose to do the right things in life because our identity is in Christ not the approval of others.

Creating Margin will enable you to use wisdom from the bible to live life to the full; full of rest, generosity and service. If we use the bible as our guide then we don’t fill our lives with activities but we live a life on purpose that loves God and serves others.

Don’t feel guilty about what you are not doing. Explore each topic to see how you can use the wisdom of the bible to create more margin for the important things in life.

Download the study booklet here

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