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Sermon Series: How to be Rich

This month across the Network we’ll be doing an all-church series on ‘How to be Rich’. The series is based on a book by US Pastor Andy Stanley and is all about ‘it’s not what you have, but what you do with what you have.’

The blurb on the back of the book reads like this:

Ever stood in front of a closet full of clothes trying to find something to wear?
Ever traded in a perfectly good car for another… car?
Ever killed some time talking on your mobile while standing in line to get a newer version of the same phone?
Ever go shopping just to relax?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might be rich.
No, you probably don’t feel rich. Rich is the other guy. Rich is having more than you currently have. But you can be rich and not feel it. And that’s the problem.
Most of us are richer than we think. We just aren’t very good it at.
It’s one thing to BE rich, it’s another to be GOOD at it.

We want this series to grow our people to know that wealth does not just come from the material, but that to truly be rich is to use what we have been blessed with by God to help not just ourselves, but the community around us.
During this series our Ministers will be preaching the same topic across the three Sites. Check the Preaching Roster to find out who is preaching where and when.

Bible Study Guides will also be available in all foyers for you to use in Small Groups or your quiet times during the week.

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