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St Silas Project Refresh

At our recent meetings, following the events of the floods and subsequent Church move, along with Tracy’s resignation, the group felt it prudent to review the progress of the task group so far and assess the current position for drawings / needs. The updated version, revision H was based on the feedback from the congregations the last time and removed the void, and relocated the amenities etc. The Quantity Surveyor report assessed these at around $2.4 million cost plus tithe.

After discussing these with Tim Horman, the new Site Minister, it became apparent to us that the Ministry needs for the site are far from clear and have changed over the years since the brief was started. Tim is of the view that it would be counterproductive to be conducting a multimillion-dollar redevelopment so soon after he has commenced his ministry and that the assumptions need to be prayed over and worked on with the congregation. This may well take the next 12 months to 2 Years.

However, the site is in urgent need of work as we all know. Therefore, we decided to recommend to the Board to put the big renovation on indefinite hold and work on an immediate refresh of the site.

Tasks that urgently need to be done are:

  • Replace roof over toilets, Kitchen and Foyer to stop leaking and flooding issues.
  • Repair Ceilings in Kitchen, Foyer and Toilets.
  • Replace Ceiling in Hall. (Builders have advised Richard B that it is in some danger of falling down within next 12 months)
  • Remodel Internals of Toilets. (Painting, Hot Water, New Fixtures and Basins and Motion based Lighting upgrade)
  • Remodel Kitchen. (New Benches, Cupboards etc)
  • Install new Stormwater Drains and Retention Tank to cope with Flooding
  • Upgrade Electrical Boards to remove Asbestos and enable maintenance work to be completed

Tasks that would be a good start to the major redevelopment and improve site usability:

  • Create new Foyer.
  • Replace Current Double Doors with 4 Wide Glass Doors (Requires Beam to support Windows above.)
  • Move Electrical Switchboard to suit
  • Create new Operable Wall / Doors from Second Pillar Across to Create Airlock and make Hall suitable for separate Children’s Ministry
  • Create new Link in First Hall Panel to Left to connect to Church Foyer. (Maintain Current Memorial Garden Location and create access to same)
  • Create new Coffee Cart Location in Current Glass Door Area (Cnr Guild Hall)
  • Put Glass Wall to Front of Stage to Create new meeting room / Youth Area / Children’s Ministry

Church Refresh

  • Replace all electricals in Church and Upgrade Lighting to LED and stage presentation level
  • Remove Pews and Recarpet Church
  • Install underfloor Heating (Central Heating with basic Aircon attached)
  • Replace FOH Sound System and Acoustic treat walls if required
  • New Video Screen (Retractable to ceiling)
  • Install Glass wall to sound insulate Staircase to Balcony for Crying Room

Downstairs Area

  • Leave all structure as is
  • Repaint all Rooms and Carpet (Once Drainage fixed)
  • Install Motion Detection Lighting to Stairwell, Toilets and all downstairs areas
  • Upgrade all Toilets to modern fixtures etc. Paint and better floors etc.
  • Create new Rear Access doors from side of Guild Hall.
  • Switch to Double Doors and Create Ramp for Wheelchair access to Garden
  • Create Vehicle (Trailer) Access to rear gardens

Next Steps

  • Board has approved refresh for immediate action
  • Utilise Bequest of $65k for immediate maintenance needs and commence appeal for $400-$600k
  • Appoint Builder for ceiling in Hall and design front entrance / Foyer
  • Target to replace Electricals, Fix Drainage Issue and Replaster Ceilings over Summer
  • Web Feedback link to be available for comments from Monday 15/10/18
  • Prayer

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