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Summer Bible Bites 2018

Ladies and Gentleman, the Summer Bible Bites are back. Now for the third Summer in a row we will be sending out short daily reflection all the way through Summer (that’s 3 months of reflections!)

If you’re in the habit of reading your Bible daily, then there are a great complement to that, and if not, these are a fantastic place to start.

Each Bible Bile focuses on a few verses (in December we’ll be working through Isaiah) and there’ll be a short reflection of about 100 words, written by various people on staff and a few of you!

Each bite will also contain a short prayer, a quote, and some material for further study (no, don’t freak out – it’s usually pretty easy stuff, like reading another short passage or watching a youtube clip).

The Bible Bites will be emailed out each morning at about 5am, so no matter what time you’d prefer to do a devotion, they’ll be ready and waiting for you (well, except those SUPER EARLY MORNING people, I’m sorry about that…)

If you’re already subscribed to the weekly network news, you’ll automatically start receiving the Bible Bites, and you no don’t want to keep getting them, you’ll be able to unsubscribe while still getting the regular news (we’ll send you an email before they start as well, so they won’t be coming out of the blue).

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