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Thank You! – Food Drive

St Hilary’s Hope has rebranded St Hilary’s annual Food Drive to ‘Hope for Boroondara and Beyond’. The new campaign has translated to St Hilary’s’ largest intake of food in the history of its annual Food Drive. To achieve this amazing result, St Hilary’s Hope coordinated the Food Drive and partnered with seven other Churches in Boroondara. With a Community Strengthening Grant from the City of Boroondara / Balwyn Rotary and the combined efforts of the churches, we were able to provide over 10,000 Hope Grocery Bags to residents in Boroondara. A week after dropping off the Hope Bags church volunteers came back to residents to collect these bags with their donated groceries.

The intake was huge! We were able to give to 3 different agencies (Anglicare’s Mission House Fitzroy, Camcare and the Salvation Army East / Camberwell Corps) to help stock their food supplies for helping people in need. As yet we do not have a dollar value on what was collected (this will be provided by the agencies who are still counting!), we anticipate the value to be approximately $75,000, however this may be a conservative evaluation. Last year’s intake was valued at in excess of $27,000 worth of non-perishable items. That was a great effort; however it has been greatly trumped by this year’s campaign.

Additionally, the churches new to the campaign, report a very positive response to the Food Drive and a willingness to be involved with the future years’ campaigns. One such response says it all:
Thanks be to God as this is the first time we have full engagement with our local community. Glory be to Him.

I would personally like to thank all the Small Groups leaders who got behind the Food Drive; the great efforts of those who received the food, sorted it and kept everything in such good order and to all those who helped load/unload the trucks on Monday. Lastly a big thank you to the planning team who made it all happen so successfully. The awesome Planning Team are Ray Ayers, Ian Wallbridge, Scott McCloud, Alex Brandau-Stranks and Bridget Gurry. We are recruiting for next year’s Planning Team, if you can help take us forward please contact John Carrick.

We are still taking donations of food which we will continue to pass on to those great agencies that help people at the coal face. Running the Food Drive came at a considerable cost this year. We well and truly spent all the grant money and an additional $5000. Please give so that we might continue to run this great initiative. Donations to St Hilary’s Hope are tax-deducatble. To help pay for the extra cost incurred this year, please note in the reference field – for the Hope Food Drive.
Giving may be made through the PushPay app or online at

John Carrick – Director of St Hilary’s Hope

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