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A sermon series on the book of Luke

You have a massive opportunity to meet with Jesus in the pages of Luke’s Gospel. Maybe you’ve heard about Jesus but never seriously investigated the facts for yourself. Or maybe you know him well and long for more. Whether you feel like you have known Jesus for ages or whether he feels like a complete stranger to you, reading through Luke and uncovering what we know about him is the best way to form a clearer understanding of who he is and make up your own mind about what that means for you.

Primarily the task is simply to read the Gospel according to Luke in the Bible for yourself but alongside another person or tracking with a group of people so that you have dialogue partners. This study resource is just a bonus to help you with that. There is a reading guide that sets out a recommended schedule so you can pace yourself with the rest of the church and lines up with the focus passages that will be preached from in our Sunday Gatherings. There is space on the left hand side of each page to record your reflections from you personal reading and if people actively engage with that then there would be plenty to discuss when you meet together. On the right hand side of each page there are suggested questions if more exploration is required for Connect Groups to use on the focus passages.

If you get one of the Uncover Luke resources that has the printed text of Luke’s Gospel there are further questions and content that you can access online. Or simply go to and explore what is there. There are lots of videos, questions, and content to explore.

For those who would like to extend themselves we’re recommending another book called The Lost Letters of Pergamum that is a fictional account of what it might have been like for a Roman citizen to encounter Luke’s Gospel and to dialogue through ancient letter correspondence with Luke himself. This is an extraordinarily helpful book and personally I found it to be profoundly moving (it’s in my top 5 all time most significant reads for faith formation).

May God bless your reading and may you encounter Jesus!

Mark Juers

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