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St Hilary’s Pastoral care teams often cook and drop off meals to church members as part of their service. However, we’re aware that others may enjoy cooking meals for those in challenging situations, yet not feel called to a pastoral care role. Similarly, some pastoral care team members may not feel confident as cooks!

In recent weeks we’ve become aware of an increasing desire for support in the form of meals among families with preschoolers and primary-aged children.


To separate out meal preparation and giving from the general pastoral care ministry, and create a distinct meals volunteer team who can be called on as needed. Some pastoral care team volunteers will likely be members of both teams.


Sign up through newsletter/website notice via Microsoft Forms. Identify communication preferences moving forward (Email, WhatsApp)

A call out for support goes out to the team when a need is identified (anonymously if necessary) with a link to a sign up sheet. Cooks volunteer to prepare a meal and either: drop it off with the recipient (identity known), or liaise with the pastoral carers to deliver it (one option may be for it to be dropped off via St Hilary’s office.)


All volunteers receive a copy of safe food handling info. They are strongly encouraged to complete dofoodsafely certification.

St Hilary's Meal Support Team Registration