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What is St Hilary's HOPE?

St Hilary’s Hope is an organisation that offers hope to struggling people though the provision of the practical support and care. We believe God is the source of eternal hope. The mission of St Hilary’s Hope is to join with God in offering hope to people in need: emotionally, socially, economically and spiritually.

We seek to:

  1. Reach out and offer hope to people in need in the City of Boroondara;
  2. Provide hope for members of St Hilary’s Network, and others, who are struggling;
  3. Mobilise members from St Hilary’s Network to be people that offer God’s hope to the community
Food Drive

Our annual Food Drive is well known in the area, collecting food outside nearly all the supermarkets in Boroondara on a Saturday in May. Well a hundred volunteers get involved from across the community, and we usually collect over 25,000 non perishable food items. The food is sent to agencies who distribute in food packages to those who need it most. The agencies we send the food to are Boroondara Community Outreach, Camcare, Doncare, Anglicare Fitzroy (Mission House) and Salvo’s Camberwell.

Click here to sign-up to serve on the Team Find out more about the 2024 Food Drive
Op Shop
301 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn. Open 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday.

Our Op Shop is at 301 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn and is open 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday. It is a major means of raising funds for HOPE. The shop receives great donations and aims to be a friendly place where these items can be sold on and used again, while raising money. All profits generated are used to help people in need, with half going to HOPE local projects and half going to overseas aid.

Recent donations have supported St.Barnabas Hospital for Women and Children in PNG, Berega Hospital in Tanzania, GRM8’s Foundation in the City of Yarra, and Boroondara Community Outreach. In addition many Food Vouchers have been purchased and distributed.

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Kids Hope

We currently have eleven volunteers acting as mentors in Balwyn North Primary School. This is very well received by the staff, parents and children. The program is a part of Kids Hope Australia.

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Community Volunteer Groups

Our longest running group is a dedicated team of volunteers who go into Prague House on Cotham Road each month to run a barbecue and make friends.

We have recently initiated a new team, jointly with St Tom’s HOPE in Burwood. This team has applied to sponsor and welcome some refugees under the new government community refugee sponsorship scheme.

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