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Prison Fellowship

Buy a $30 gift for a child and put it in the collection box at each church site on Sunday’s 19, 26 November and 3 December. We’d prefer the toys unwrapped, so that we can allocate to the appropriate age and sex of the child. If it’s simpler you could give money and we will buy a present for you to match the profiles we are given. For donations, please use the link below.

Boroondara Community Outreach

Each year BCO have a Christmas hamper appeal enabling them to give some special packs to people living in emergency accommodation or shelters in the Boroondara area. Why not buy some special items for people with very little in our area. The items should be ones that bring a bit of joy and rare luxury at Christmas, such as: Jars / Sachets, Nuts, Pringles / Chips, Pretzels, Christmas Biscuits, Le Snaks, Toothpaste, Spray Deodorants, Body Wash, Cheese Snak-its. There will be a collection box at each church site on Sundays 19, 26 November and 3 December.

Also, they will be holding a Food Drive for this appeal. They’ve asked if we could find volunteers to man Coles Camberwell on 2 December between 12:30 and 6:30pm. If you can fill one of the two-hour slots, please contact Mike Urwin at  If we can get twelve volunteers we can fill all the Camberwell slots for them.