I made this statement on Sunday morning as part of a sermon entitled Engage in Business until the Master's Return from Luke 19.10-27.  The key is that within the Church, our focus on 'the task' can sometimes overshadow the sense of calling, spiritual giftedness, and the unique way in which God leads each individual into the work He intends for us. Engaging in such ministry typically involves a process of prayer, patience, and discernment.  Fill out the form below if you would like a minister to pray with you about where God may be calling you to serve.

Following the services on Sunday and via email during the week some have asked:

  • What are the options for serving?  
  • Who can I get in touch with?
  • How can I find out more?

Before presenting a list, consider this idea: Sometimes, the most impactful ministry might be one that hasn't been defined yet. In other words, don't feel confined to the list below. However, if you're looking for inspiration, I've included a list to help spark your creativity.  In the first instance, the best person to approach is often your congregational minister: Kew 10 am: Tavis or Liz; Kew 6 pm: Kane; Kew 5:30 pm: Amanda or Adam (me) and Mont Albert North 9 and 11 am: Yi Cheng

Serving at Sunday Services
** contact relevant congregational minister unless noted otherwise

  • Welcoming
  • Bible Reading
  • Intercessions
  • Service Leading
  • ProPresenter Operator (Training Available)
  • Sound Tech (Training Available)
  • Worship Team - Liz Webster
  • Prayer Ministry - Liz Webster
  • Sunday Club (Primary) - Amanda Lincke
  • Morning Tea/Supper
  • Flowers 
  • Sunday Morning Chaplaincy - Adam C
  • Livestream Chaplaincy - Adam C


Serving During the Week


Serving on Committees

  • Hope Ministries - Mike Urwin 
  • Mission and Social Justice - Marissa Mills
  • Cormorant Committee of Management - Melissa Mackey
  • Serving as a Warden or Parish Council Member - Adam C


Sunday's message also called attention to the importance of our financial stewardship both corporately as a Church and as individuals.  God calls us to bring our time, our talent and our treasure as part of our spiritual worship.  If you'd like some food for thought in relation to financial stewardship, visit our giving page or get in touch with a member of our finance team.

I'd like to have a conversation with a minister about serving

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